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The thought of employee “value” in the workplace is a tricky concept to understand.

Is it the salary an organization is willing to pay for an employee that equates to their value?

Is it the output of work provided by the employee that equates to value?

If someone is not meeting the barometer for value that an organization sets, does that mean they lack value?

Every organization measures this concept differently according to their business model or current needs, but a non-negotiable for me and anyone I train is that regardless of how an organization defines value, there is a…

Dice rolled — a gamble.
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This one has been bothering me for a while. At a leadership level, there are set expectations on what you must deliver. Sure, you might have a say in how your role plays into the larger context, but often you have to work within structures that already exist.

Reasonable Expectations

One of those “expectations” that generally don’t change is the responsibility of people management. If you have employees reporting to you, the company and your employees will reasonably expect you to manage your employee’s tenure at the company.

This can encompass addressing career growth conversations, job concerns, internal conflicts, etc.

Let’s Make This Fun

I recently…

TikTok logo
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The main story

Last week, ByteDance (parent company of TikTok) CEO Zhang Yiming announced that he would be stepping down as CEO.

Yiming’s announcement was detailed in an internal letter to employees, citing that he wants to focus on “longer-term initiatives” for the company.

Since March of this year, conversations of the transition have been in motion, with the plan for ByteDance co-founder Liang Rubo to take his place after a six-month transition period.

The news of Yiming’s transition comes as a surprise to the industry due to the overall success of its TikTok platform.

Teachable Moment

Learn when it’s time to get out of…

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With the hospitality industry taking a hard hit during the last several months, it was a surprise to see Airbnb filing for an IPO this year.

After just two months into the pandemic, the company lost 80% of its sales and was left with reevaluating its business model.

In a time where hospitality leaders are alarmingly quiet, CEO Brian Chesky is betting on customers changing their travel habits by spending “a few months at a time in different places” post-pandemic.

In addition to its predictions, the company has moved its list of experiential offerings online and is transitioning its inventory…

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Things are starting to look a bit dicey for rideshare companies Uber and Lyft.

After almost a year’s notice, both companies were requested by California to reclassify their drivers as employees going forward on August 21st.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi made it pretty clear that they cannot “hire 50,000 people overnight”, but what’s interesting is that they’ve chosen to wait until now to work on a new model that would abide by a law that was updated last September.

This action follows a state lawsuit against the rideshare giants claiming they have avoided costs by classifying its drivers as contractors.

An empty classroom setting

With the University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill’s semester starting up on August 10th, the question remained, “how will the university handle its students’ protection during a COVID world?”

To no one’s surprise: pretty poorly.

At the behest of the county’s health department, university leaders opted to resume classes and on-campus housing as usual rather than wait and move to a virtual environment for five weeks.

While cases of COVID were initially reported low, it only took one week after opening for several clusters to appear and spike cases to hundreds of students.

With one last pull of the…

On July 23rd it was reported that users weren’t able to track their workouts or access their account data.
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It was definitely not a good month for fan-favorite Garmin. On July 23rd it was reported that users weren’t able to track their workouts or access their account data.

To make it even worse, call centers were down without the ability to respond to emails, calls, or online messages.

Naturally, users flooded Garmin’s social media accounts with their problems prompting a company response claiming they were simply “experiencing an outage”.

Turns out, “outage” was really code for a “large scale ransomware attack” against the company’s systems.

Guess who didn’t like that?

Those same users took to Twitter and opened the…

Amidst a significant and unexpected Q2 loss, Harley-Davidson continues to push forward.
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Amidst a significant and unexpected Q2 loss, Harley-Davidson continues to push forward.

Reeling from several ambitious decisions (a hasty international expansion and roll-out of a new, expensive electric motorcycle) new CEO Jochen Zeitz is grounding the company back to its roots in hopes to turn things around.

While no stranger to reviving former die-hard brands (Puma), Zeitz’s aptly named “Rewire” plan aims to focus on core products, remove manufacturing efficiency’s and withdraw from under-performing markets.

Already doing poorly before the pandemic, Harley-Davidson asked Zeitz to step in around April after the departure (or forced exit) of his predecessor.

Does this…

LinkedIn lays off 6% of workforce.
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As you might have already gathered from the news, LinkedIn laid off 6% of its employees last month across their sales and talent teams.

While it’s no surprise that a company so large and centered around talent solutions would be affected by Covid-19 layoffs, what was interesting to see was how it’s newly laid-off employees reacted to the news. Not a single employee (from the hundreds that I’ve seen appear in my newsfeed) had a negative word to say about the employer’s decision.

Many not only empathized with the decision to cut its workforce but nearly all considered their time…

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